Where can I find setup instructions and documentation?

You can view all the documentation over on our documentation page.

What kind of affiliate links can I use?

You can use any link you wish, it doesn’t even have to be an affiliate link.

Where can I get support?

You can submit questions on the plugin’s support page on WordPress.org, or you can send us an email at hello@shoppagewp.com.

Will Shop Page WP slow my site down?

Shop Page WP is lightweight will not slow your site down like WooCommerce or other heavy plugins.

How do I add product images?

Product images are added as the “featured image” within the product post. Please consult image terms of the affiliate programs you are a member of to stay within their usage restrictions.

Are product links No Follow?

Yes. All product links are set to rel=nofollow.

Where can I find the product ID for inserting specific products?

From the WordPress Admin, navigate to Shop Page WP > All products. The product post ID is displayed as a column and can be copied and pasted into the shortcode or Gutenberg block.